The term Trichology, comes from the junction of the Greek words Trichos (hair) and Logos (study). It is a branch of science, which began in 1902 in England, and is dedicated to the study, research and treatment of various pathologies and dysfunctions of the scalp and hair strand.

The specialist in Clinical Trichology acts directly in the promotion of CAPILLARY HEALTH in an integrative way, being able to investigate, identify and control the various hair problems.

In addition, it seeks to find the best solution to the current problem, including: baldness, hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, excessive oiliness, dandruff, psoriasis, inflammation, folliculitis, fine, weak and brittle hair, with split ends, damaged and oxidized by solar radiation or chemical processes, using a set of technical and therapeutic resources, based on the most recent scientific studies and use of advanced technology, with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We incorporate in the Trichology consultation, the concept of Advanced Hair Therapy, emphasizing aspects related to the process of detoxification, balance, hydration, nutrition, oxygenation and regeneration of the scalp and hair fiber, where we use 100% pure natural actives, such as essential oils, vegetables, ozonized oils and clays (Clinical Aromatherapy), associated with relaxing or stimulating massage, as well as electrotherapeutic devices that potentiate the effect of some high-quality cosmetic actives performance. We seek to offer, in addition to a service of excellence, a UNIQUE experience, as a complementary and/or alternative medical treatment.