Alopéxis Method

The Alopéxis method is an innovative and exclusive method, based on 3 fundamental pillars:

4P Functional Trichology is an innovative concept that refers to a multidisciplinary, functional and integrative therapeutic approach in the field of Trichology and Advanced Hair Therapy, targeting the patient as a WHOLE (holistic view).

It seeks to provide a change in habits and lifestyles within the scope of Hair Health, through exclusive and patented methods of analysis, diagnosis and treatment, aimed at a preventive, predictive, personalized and participatory practice (4P).

At Alopéxis, we believe that in order to have strong, beautiful and healthy hair, it is first necessary to take care of the biological terrain, that is, the place where they are born and grow: LEATHER HAIR.


Based on this philosophy, our team of specialists in Trichology and Advanced Hair Therapy, has developed a specific care schedule, based on the current condition of your scalp and hair, based on the exclusive technique of the 5Rs, our differential!

In our hair center, we offer customized solutions for each pathology and/or hair dysfunction, such as baldness (androgenetic alopecia), hair loss, seborrheic dermatitis, dandruff, psoriasis, excess oiliness, hair thinning, weak, brittle, dry, lackluster and vitality, with split ends, damaged and oxidized by chemicals or excess free radicals, associating a set of therapeutic tools and hair products of high technology and performance (vectorized trichology), inviting our patient to take care of their hair from the inside out and from the outside in, through the In&Out approach, which, combined with specific protocols, increases the effectiveness of results.

These results are optimized and extended over time, with proper advice and professional guidance for homecare.

Bringing “life” back to your hair is not a DREAM, it is a reality that can be achieved, it is something that really changes your life! On this journey, it is essential that your body is in full physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

“Change your hair…transform your life.”

“Hair Health is reflected as a biomarker of the general state of our body, as a whole…”

Dr. Emanuel Bento

Hair is the “thermometer” of our body!


Hair is part of our individual identity… it reflects a moment in our life, in our emotions. They help us feel SAFE, ACCEPTED AND LOVED.

At Alopéxis, the first step is to KNOW our patient, their history, their problem.

There are several factors that can lead to hair loss/loss, associated with physiological changes (eg dysbiosis of the hair microbiota) and biometrics of the scalp and hair shaft (eg increased oil level).



In this appointment, our specialist in Trichology and Advanced Hair Therapy will collect information about the patient’s general health status, as well as their hair problem, through an anamnesis form (clinical history).


In the hair evaluation appointment, we associate a patented software – Tricotest® (CRLaB), where we perform a complete and in-depth check-up of the patient’s scalp and hair health status, using a set of high resolution microcameras ( Trichoscopy HD), and scientific equipment to measure the level of oiliness, hydration, TEWL and pH (biometric parameters).


The first step in treating hair loss is an accurate diagnosis of the current condition of the scalp and hair shaft. Alopéxis currently has the only TrichoLab Studio in Portugal, using the most advanced hair analysis and diagnosis software in the world, using artificial intelligence (AI).

Instead of relying solely on visual observation and experience, the Hair Genesis Report (TRICHOLAB) allows you to have a detailed 72-hour scientific report (11 parameters) of the current condition of the scalp and hair shaft (eg average number of hairs per follicle , follicle count, hair thickness, etc).

The hair loss conditions can then be identified from the analysis and conclusion of the Hair Genesis Report, allowing the Trichology specialist to design a hair care schedule tailored to the patient.


A deficiency in minerals, trace elements and vitamins, as well as an increase in the rate of heavy metals in the body, can lead to hair loss or loss of hair density.

With this in mind, Alopéxis performs the OLIGOCHECK on its patients, a scientifically proven, painless exam performed on the skin of the palm of the hand, using a state-of-the-art spectrophotometer. The analysis makes it possible to observe the bioavailability of the aforementioned elements in the tissues, allowing the detection of possible physiological and nutritional imbalances.

Although many patients have a genetic predisposition to baldness (Androgenetic Alopecia), there are environmental factors that can change the way these genes (DNA) are expressed, which we call EPIGENETICS. Factors such as stress, changes in diet, changes in sleep patterns, intoxication by heavy metals or other toxins, smoking, solar radiation, etc., act as “triggers” for the emergence and/or worsening of certain capillary dysfunctions.

With you in mind, and with the help of advanced S-DRIVE technology, we were also able to perform a bioresonance of the root (bulb) and hair shaft, allowing us to obtain the epigenetic data of our patient.

Hair strands with their root (bulb) contain a wide range of HOMEOSTASIS and EPIGENETICS historical information about certain metabolic parameters, such as: amino acid, vitamin and mineral deficiencies, fatty acid requirements, sensitivity to certain foods or exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and extremely low electromagnetic frequencies (ELF), as well as toxic loads from the environment (heavy metals).

These parameters will be essential for our specialist in Trichology and Advanced Hair Therapy, to be able to guide and prescribe in a personalized way, the nutraceuticals (supplements with therapeutic action) and lifestyle changes, necessary for the physiological and oligo-mineral balance of our patient.


Hair loss (alopecia) is a progressive condition that has different forms and causes. The most common type of hair loss, known as androgenetic alopecia, has a strong genetic (hereditary) predisposition. Each patient will respond differently to treatment, according to their individual characteristics and associated epigenetic factors.

With this in mind, Alopéxis has the most advanced DNA analysis technology, a genetic test that allows the identification of 13 genes and 48 genetic variations (polymorphisms), thus allowing the specialist in Trichology and Advanced Hair Therapy to recommend the best clinical treatment of topical or oral application (nutraceuticals), based on the genetic profile of the patient.

It is important to emphasize that this test does NOT diagnose the cause of hair loss, but ALLOWS you to individualize the treatment, especially the HOMECARE treatment.


The hair follicle is one of the few structures in our body that can be regenerated throughout life, having a unique growth cycle of its own.

In addition to genetic factors, there are other factors, such as the level of oxidative stress and consequent inflammation, which can cause and/or worsen hair loss and premature graying of the hair, that is, the appearance of gray hairs.

At Alopéxis, we have yet another advanced diagnostic tool, which allows us to detect oxidative damage caused by excess free radicals in our body in 5 minutes from a urine sample. This parameter allows us to obtain the oxidative profile of our patient, which facilitates the establishment of corrective measures by our specialist in Trichology and Advanced Capillary Therapy.


In certain capillary dysfunctions (eg telogen effluvium, baldness), Alopéxis has the TRICOGRAM by polarized light microscopy, a method of analysis of the root (bulb) and hair shaft, which makes it possible to determine possible anomalies and structural alterations due to different causes. (digestive, physical, nervous, psycho-somatic).

In addition, the exam allows estimating the number of hairs in each phase of the hair cycle, since the hair root changes during the different growth phases (anagen, catagen and telogen).


At Alopéxis, multidisciplinary teamwork for the well-being of the patient is one of its pillars of success. In addition to performing some physical exams (tension test) on the scalp and hair shaft to help identify possible causes of hair loss and other hair disorders, our patient also performs, if the clinical situation warrants, a set of laboratory analyzes with specific analytical parameters for the area of ​​Trichology, in order to measure and evaluate at the plasma level, possible metabolic changes and/or hormonal imbalances that justify hair loss and/or hair loss.


After a thorough and complete analysis of our patient as a whole (holistic view), we approach your problem in a functional, integrative and multidisciplinary way, developing an INITIAL personalized treatment plan in the office and at home (homecare), for the condition current from your scalp and hair shaft.

In line with the use of natural actives and high performance hair products, we use innovative equipment in our office, with advanced technology, which represent the BEST of hair science.

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